Yes a book is in the works, but it’s not what you’d expect.


There have been some questions about whether I am writing a book. The answer is yes, but it actually has nothing to do with motivation. It’s not a how-to book of any sorts. Even though my career and legacy has been dedicated to motivation and achieving goals, my book is actually completely fictional.

As I’m sure you’ll know, I have many dreams. One of which is to write a complete story from scratch and have people read it. I’ve always had a wild imagination and I feel as though I can produce full length stories that people will be interested in. My writing style is unconventional. A book that is really only for adults and leaves kids out.

I’m honestly pumped about it. It’s coming along well and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve accomplished many things in my life and this will be my treasure.

So stay tuned my friends. It’s going to be a banger.

How your addiction to IG is stunting your success.

Your obsession with instant gratification is making you have unrealistic expectations when it comes to success.


I’ve talked bit about this problem already in earlier posts on The Next Chapter. I see a lot of people quitting on their goals due to the fact that it’s taking too long. I said in my very first post on this website that people should be allowing 90 days before they even begin to think about quitting.

Now what is instant gratification and why are you addicted to it?

We live in a world where we consume ourselves with Facebook friends, twitter followers and likes. We want to have more interactions on text because it requires less effort and is more convenient. You actually are addicted to the way that it feels when you get this positive social media response. That, among other things, is this instant gratification that you’re addicted to.

Hey, i’m all for convenience.

The issue with this, is that we become used to achieving things at a very quick rate. We can get friends online, obtain a world of information, and order a pizza all with your thumb. 

Let’s set it straight, I’m just as addicted as you are.

You just need to understand that there is nothing instant about gaining success in your life. It’s an extremely long drawn out process that comes to those have the will power to continue when times get tough. Just because you don’t want to do something doesn’t mean you should stop.

When you feel that challenge.

When you feel uncomfortable.

It is at that exact moment when you can become a better version of yourself or stay in the same spot that you’re trying to escape.

Without that challenge, there is no growth. Without growth, there is no progress, Without progress, there is no success.

You NEED to look past your urge for instant gratification and realize that goals aren’t realized over night. Goals are realized by perseverance.

How I realized my potential- Warning, it’s not a happy story.

I’ve had a hard time sitting down and writing this post. Instead of just me telling you what you should be doing today, I’m going to share with you a story.

First off, I want to thank everyone who has begun to follow me on my journey. It’s quite humbling when I wake up to 500-1000 more followers/likes than I had when I went to bed. My reach is already surpassing what I thought it would be for this point of this year so thank you.

So I’m writing today from a confident and ambitious stance. I have literally crushed my January goal in 2018. I had it written down that I would have at east 500 likes on Facebook and at least 500 followers on twitter by the end of January.

I know many of you will ask, why does it matter?

I want to be on a motivational speaker and the only way I know how to do that is to try and impact as many people as possible. So if people are liking my Facebook page, it means they’re digging what i’m offering. Every like that I have is a potential goal that was reached because of something I said or posted. So yes, it’s very important to me.

So right now I’m pushing 2500 likes on Facebook and almost 3000 followers on twitter. This didn’t even seem  possible for me when I set my goals in the first week of 2018. I feel grateful and humbled.

So, here’s the story. I want you to know how I came to be a motivator.

When I was in my early 20’s, I was a bust. What I mean by that is, I had no ambition and was essentially going through life with no real meaning. I was attending university at the time but grades were honestly the least of my worries. I mean, I wanted to pass, but that was really it. All I really wanted to do was get wasted.

I was a drunk for most of my university years.

This ultimately led me to that line in the sand moment where I had decided that I either had to straighten my life out or spiral out of control.

Unfortunately, I chose to spiral.

There is an entire year in which I remember very little. I was barely attending class and when I did I was usually intoxicated to some degree. I really truly believed that I was living a great life. I was passing my courses and I thought I was this genius that could handle boozing and going to school and that I owed it to myself and the world to push that limit as far as I could.

I felt invincible.

But like all stories the tragic hero would eventually realize his tragic flaw. I failed my first course ever in 2012. I used all sorts of excuses as to why it happened. Bad professor, poor content, poor questions on the exam- you name it. At the time though I didn’t think for a second that the reason I failed that course was the fact that I was drinking so much. I mean that’s what made me such an awesome student?

I still remember the exact moment I realized my tragic flaw.

I woke up from a 4 day bender on a Monday and went into instant panic. I realized that I had completely missed a due date the previous Friday. I mustered the courage to go talk to my professor in the morning (before I hit up the bar). I walked in to his office and explained to him that I was extremely sorry for missing his due date on Friday and that I would be very grateful if he gave me an extension to pass it in later that day or the next day. The whole time he was looking at me with a very concerned look on his face.

He finally stops me as i’m throwing up verbal diarrhea giving him every excuse I could think of. He holds his hand up and says: “Mat, you were in class on Friday and passed in your paper. I’ve graded it already and here it is. You should get some help- have a good day.”then escorted me out of his office.

I left confused and deeply embarrassed.

This was one of the lowest points of my life.

I realized then that I was not living to my potential. That this drinking and school didn’t make me a superhero, it made me a drunk that was wasting an opportunity.  

So I made up my mind that day that I would get out of this hole that I had dug myself. It was time for the real Mathew Melanson to take control and start realizing my potential.

It was time for me to finally take control of my life.

So I came back to myself, and boy did I ever come back with a vengeance.

Can you make money online? Well….yes, but there’s a catch.

Hey guys! So i’m starting to get a lot of questions about if i’m earning any money for my following on Twitter or Facebook which has reached a few thousand at this point. I can tell you that i’m not earning any money from Facebook or Twitter from the following that I have. However, I am earning money online.

The money that I make online has actually nothing to do with my following or my blogs. My goal is to eventually start making money with my blogs, but I’ve simply not hit that level of popularity yet. My goal is to motivate people and help them succeed and if I can reach enough people to make some cash as well, then that’s a bonus!

So now you’re going to ask… what do I do?

Guys, simply put I do affiliate marketing. 

I’m not getting rich, or bathing in the hot sun in Mexico while my bank account fills up with money. Those people are light years ahead of me and are the internet warriors of today. It is possible I guess- If you’ve got the time and energy, but these guys have crazy skills when it comes to knowing how to advertise and promote their online businesses. I have none of those skills.

I do however bring in a few extra thousand dollars a month on top of my 9-5 work day for working on average about 4-6 hours a week. Some months I’ve earned as low as 100$, while others I’ve earned almost 5000$. most of the time I fall somewhere in the middle.

I want to be clear that it is work.

In order to make this income I have to sit down at my computer and actually work on my online marketing for 4-6 hours a week.

This idea that you can sit around and do nothing and get paid is bullshit.

I’m telling you right now, it’s not how it works. It takes some hard work to get it going but once you’ve got some momentum, it does get much easier. I was working more like 8 hours in the beginning for like a 500$ monthly return, but like anything I started to get better at it.

I do enjoy it because at this point I only have to spend a few nights out of my week on it and it almost doubles my monthly income from my day job. I’m not getting rich, but I live very comfortably.

I hear a lot that affiliate marketing is just a scam. In a lot of ways, it is.

Many people pour their hard earned money into a system that promises results. I’ve been told the stories. People that have wasted hundreds even thousands on scams that might actually had worked if they received direction, but ultimately was too confusing and they lost their money.

Luckily, when I decided I had the balls to try it, I had a friend who had been successful at it so I basically made him sit down with me and walk me through it step by step. The mentoring was what made me successful.

So, I’ve decided to share the wealth…

Keeping with a theme of motivating people, I thought it would make a lot of sense to share my knowledge of affiliate marketing. If there are any of you that have been thinking about it, but can’t seem to find the answers you’re looking for, send me a message and we’ll have a chat!

I don’t have all the answers by any means, but I can share what I know about it and how it led to me living a much more comfortable lifestyle.



How to deal with dream killers.

I’m writing today fueled with inspiration.

I want to talk to you guys today about how to deal with difficult people. I had an incident today which tested pretty much every fiber of my being and it was ultimately a result of some negative feedback for a situation that I had no control over.

How is this relevant towards your success?

Well let me tell you. After the altercation I was completely deflated. I felt embarrassed, confused, and a little bit like a phony. She had basically said that I had no real idea what I was doing and that frustrated me because I do in fact know what i’m doing.  I let this person get into my head, and that’s dangerous territory. Especially given the fact that I had no real control over the outcome. It was really just an unfortunate set of circumstances.

So what happens when you get confronted by somebody and they tell you that you’re bad at just being you?

How do you deal with this hit to the ego? Most people respond in 3 different ways.

  1. The first one is, they argue back. They engage in the match which is a terrible idea and i’ll explain why. Anyone that is trying to talk you out of pursuing your dream is on a whole other playing field. These people probably don’t have dreams of their own and actually seek comfort from stopping people from achieving theirs. It keeps other people at their level. Don’t engage, it’s a complete waste of time and energy.
  2. Second response is complete and utter agreeance. People think to themselves: ‘they are right, i’m awful at this’, why am I even trying? What is the point? and if THIS is what I have to look forward to if i’m going to pursue my dreams, then i’m out.’ (this is where I started to fall with relation to this incident) This is where people quit on themselves. Don’t let anyone determine your destiny except you. 
  3. The last and final response is to harness the negative feedback. If you have the ability to smile when someone is telling you are wasting your time because you know in your heart that you are going to be successful with or without them, then you’re a rock star. I mean, this is ultimately the best response. This will actually make you more determined from the altercation rather than deflate you.

You can’t let what people say stop you from achieving what you know is right.

There’s a lot of negative people out there and they don’t have your vision. So smile and think to yourself how shocked they’ll be when you proove them wrong.


Keep Kicking Ass- Thanks For the Support!

Hey guys!

First off, I just want to say that I’ve only been at this a little over a week and am already amazed at how many people have hopped on board with The Next Chapter and gained interest in what i’m trying to do. I’ve been getting lots of messages from people either asking me about my journey or for me to help with theirs and I feel completely humbled. Over 700 of you have joined in on my mission (twitter) in the last 24 hours and that’s just insane so thank you!

Now, to get to the message of the day.

So as I said, I have been getting a lot of messages and something that i’m hearing a lot of is an urge to quit when a daily goal wasn’t hit or a weekly goal wasn’t hit. Guys, don’t worry about it. We are human and just because you had bad day and got in the fetal position for the afternoon watching friends does NOT make you a failure. It makes you human.

What really is going to separate you from the heard is how you respond.

You’ve got a choice now. You can let this day ruin your entire goal and set you completely off coarse, or you can harness it come back with a vengeance. IT really is a choice.

Yesterday was a terrible day for me. I went to work and the people that I was working with were basically turning down my help and ignoring me completely. It made for a very painful day of essentially talking to myself and ultimately the day was a failure.

I left work deflated and ultimately just bummed out.

I then went to the gym and that made me feel a little better. Afterwards I went home, did some reflecting and changed my mind set. Like I said previously, it’s all on how you deal with failure.

So if you’ve had a bad day or even a bad week, you can’t dwell on it. Obstacles will get in your way and it will only make you more equipped to deal with them later on down the road. It’s all part of the growth, so embrace it!

That’s it guys and thanks again for all of the support recently! I do really appreciate it. I’d like to increase my impact on WordPress and YouTube though so if you’d like to follow and/or subscribe, I would really appreciate it 🙂

That’s it! Keep kicking ass and have a great weekend.

A 5 Step Guide to Achieving Success

Well I have officially been in the game for one week and I am feeling pumped. My mission to reach as many people as possible is slowly but surely coming into fruition. Today I had a great conversation with a gentleman about how to actually set goals and put the steps in place for you to have success.

I then realized that I had actually never shared what to do when setting a goal. These are literally the steps I put in place for my students. So here goes:

Step 1: Whenever I have the privilege to talk to people about goal setting, I always get them to start with a very simple task: Imagine. Imagine if you could be ANYONE that you wanted to be, who would it be? If you could have any career in the world, what would it be? If you can make any significant change in your life, what would it be?

This step can’t  be overlooked. With any goal, you absolutely need direction. Without direction your shooting blind.

Sit alone in a room with some light music and imagine.

Step 2: Once you have determined what it is that you want to do, write it down. It needs to be something you can see on a day to day basis. Make it concrete. I’ve always been a fan of putting it in my alarm label. I’m not sure if any other phones than the Iphone do this but you can literally send yourself a message to wake you up. I often send myself a daily goal. (Also helps with motivation to get out of bed)

Step 3: If you’ve got this far, give yourself a pat on the back because you my friend are a superstar! You’ve got a goal in mind and you’ve got a vision and that is key. Now, what you want to do at this point is set some manageable goals. We as human beings like the feeling if accomplishment. There’s some science behind that which I will get into on another day, but the feeling that we get from achieving a small task can be downright addicting. So do yourself a favor, and set yourself a small (but important) first goal.

Example: Say your goal is to lose 50 pounds. Set a small goal for the first week to just get active say 3 times the first week for 30 minutes. Whether it be going for a walk, hit the gym, hit up the local pool etc. Anything that gets you moving. Do this for two weeks then up your workouts to 40 mins (or 4 days a week).

It is very important to have your WHOLE plan laid out. If you’re going to tackle weight over the next year, then plan it out for the whole year.

Ever hear the saying we don’t plan to fair, we fail to plan?

Planning is crucial to goal setting. 

Step 4: Lastly, execute. Take this plan and knock it out of the park each day at a time. Let yourself enjoy these accomplishments and enjoy this journey. It’s a long one so you need to have some fun with it. Being active doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the weights. Join a local volleyball or hockey team!

Step 5: Not really a step but some advice that I can give you is become obsessed.

When you switch from a want to change into a need to change, there leaves no room for failure.

This goal of yours needs to consume you. You need to be hungry enough that you will not possibly be satisfied until your victorious.

So lay it all out in front of you.

Let yourself enjoy all of these accomplishments!

Believe me, it’s fucking addicting.

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